WISI : Digital Channel Processing

Chameleon is a modular headend system that requires only one single type of module. The integrated components can adapt their function depending on requirements. They are designed for all current and future applications and they are ideally suited for the transition from the analogue to the digital world as well as the connection between HFC- and IP distribution platforms.

FRACARRO : Digital Evolution

The 3DGFLEX is a modular unit designed to process a range of digital signals ready to be distributed over a centralised system, such as large apartment 
buildings or hospitality environments, combining the selected programs from 3 different satellite input sources into a single multiplex.

INFOSAT : Profilter Revolution

Input/Output Built-in DVB-T2 Field Strength Meter
Transcoder Capabilty -Frequencys Shift to Approprirate Field Channel

dBy : Digital TV Head End LE-30 DIGITAL
Input Level Range : 60-80 dBuV  :  One Output Gain : 30 +/-2 dB Each MUX
Max Output : 110 dBuV +/- 5 dB  :  Gain Adjust : 20 dB Seperate MUX